Between them, the member councils

  • employ and are responsible for the professional development of over 1000 IT Professionals
  • support around 30,000 computer users in over 1,000 corporate locations and working remotely
  • influence over £40m of spend on ICT goods and services

NEICT provides a safe environment for

  • sharing and developing expertise, best practice, learning, skills and experience
  • developing new, and exploiting existing ICT infrastructure, applications and developments
  • working together to support efficiency, modernisation and shared services agendas
  • maximising opportunities for jointly procuring ICT goods and services
  • working with other organisations to ensure a co-ordinated approach to regional ICT developments and to help shape the use of ICT in the North East for the benefit of the residents, people who work here and those who visit the region

Much of our focus recently has been connecting our colleagues in council service delivery with the insight coming out of Central Government around information security especially because of Public Services Network compliance.     The local information security network, ISNorthEast Information Security for the North East – the North East’s public sector WARP, and our series of ‘Enabling Safe Business’ events are part of this work.

Partner Representatives
logo-newnorthumberland Paul Williams sociallogolink
logo-newdurham Vicki Murray sociallogolink
logo-newsunderland Richard Wright sociallogolink
logo-ghd Roy Sheehan (Chair)
logo-nclw Jim Lowden sociallogolink
logo-south2 Caroline Harper linkedin logo
ntclogo3 Dan Simms (Vice Chair) sociallogolink
Associate Partner Representatives
xcentrall Ian Miles sociallogolink
Previous Partnership Chairs
logo-northumberland Neil Arnold 2017-2021
logo-durham Phil Jackman 2012-2017
logo-newsunderland Tom Baker 2011-2012
logo-ghd Roy Sheehan 2007-2011
logo-south2 Alan Holt 2002-2007
Partnership Analyst
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