2018 – Discussions on cyber resilience with North East Fraud Forum members, SchoolsNorthEast, school business manager networks  
2018- Participating in Cyber Security exercises with Local Resilience Forum  
2017 – Dynamo North East Talent Matching pilot
2017- Regional economic Development Digital Leads meetings co-ordination  
2017- Microsoft 365 implementation  
2017- Acting as the local One Public Estate IT group.  
2017 – Participation in LGA PSN Programme Board  
2017 – Participation in NCSC Cyber Technical Reference Group  
2016 – PSN / GCF / Secure email investigations  
2016 – Participation in SOCITM’s Local CIO Council.  
2015 – Participation in “Cyber North” regional cyber security discussions  
2015 – Careers talks in schools for Dynamo North East as part of Esh Group’s “Building my Skills” programme sources of IT Careers information for young people
2014 – Supporting Dynamo North East’s workstreams – sourcing knowledge and resources, brokering opportunities for joint working particularly around skills and cyber resilience.
2013 – Development of Information security Manager’s Group and registration as the NE Government WARP.
2013 – Management of North East public sector cyber security forum / WARP.
2013 – PSN compliance discussions – national and with other WARPs
2013 – PSN compliance especially regarding BPSS, mobile working and mobile devices
2010 – Management of SOCITM North East. 
2010 – Public Services Network – Greater understanding of the implications of and opportunities afforded by Government policy. Strengthened relationships with other public sector bodies in the region.
2010 – Public Services Network – Investigation of opportunities for de-duplication and joint working through awareness of each others communications links




2019 Investigations into contact centre, telephony, CRM and VOIP market developments  
2018 Investigations into establishing a regional IT internal auditor network  
2018 Northern area LRF and WARP discussions with MHCLG cyber resilience programme  
2018 National discussions about the future of WARPs  
2018 LGA cyber stocktake support  
2018 ‘Cyberfest’ events  
2018-2019 Supporting GSI / GCSX migration  
2018 SOCITM North conference
2018 Cyber attack reporting guidance update
2018 Cyber security training materials
2018 Local Civic Resilience planning aid
2017-2019 Regional Digital Skills ESF bid development
2017 GDPR
2017 Disaster Recovery workshop Enabling Safe Business
2016 –2018 GovRoam / GovWifi investigations
2016 –2018 Participation in an initiative to bring a 5G test-bed to the region.
2016 – 2018 Participation in regional public sector digital skills group.
2016 – 2018 Commissioned Executive Leadership training for Women in IT.
2017 Established a register of guest and public Wi-Fi facilities available in public buildings. Wi-Fi access in north east public sector buildings
2017 Increased collaboration between SOCITM North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humber regions.
2016 “Enabling Safe Business – a closer look at Cloud” event Slides and Further Information
2016 Commissioned ‘Executive Leadership Programme for Women in IT” from Northumbria University Business School.
2016 Presentation on cyber resilience and business continuity in schools and academies to North East Fraud Forum.
2016 SOCITM / ADBL digital leadership workshop.
2015-2016 Desktop Productivity Software review
2015-2016 Review of password guidance
2015 ‘Enabling Safe Business ‘15’ event Further information
2015 Established ISNorthEast group on CiSP
2015 IT in schools event for Dynamo North East
2015 Retention of online communities of practice to support partnership activities
2015 Revision of ISNorthEast Terms of Reference
2014 – 2018 Development of IT skills pipeline for Dynamo North East’s skills workstream
2014-2015 Supported an Apprentice in each of the Partner councils
2013 ‘Enabling Safe Business ‘ event Further information
2013 Access to Wi-Fi in public buidlings
2013 Channel shift and new service models
2013 Penetration testing workshop
2013 Research into Service Structures
2013 Revision of skills sharing protocol
2012 – 2013 BYOD workshops held and experience and policies shared.
2012 – 2013 Collaboration on BDUK through DigitalDurham.
2012 – 2013 Electronic Document Management group established.
2012 – 2013 Gateshead’s Policy Enforcer solution made available to others.
2012 – 2013 Investigations about future joint working.
2012 – 2013 Investigations into making it easier for employees to work in another council’s buildings through guest Wi-Fi.
2012 – 2013 Open Data initiative commenced with TWITA.
2012 – 2013 Organising to include Partners’ outsourced providers.
2012 – 2013 Salary Survey undertaken for SOCITM NE.
2012 – 2013 Satellite Broadband investigated.
2012 – 2013 Web Managers group established.
2011 – 2012 Applications Consolidation workshop.
2011 – 2012 Expansion of Partnership and review of Partnership Agreement.
2011 – 2012 G & ST joint Multifunction device procurement.
2011 – 2012 Introductory agile project management training.
2011 Investigations around using SharePoint as a regional collaboration platform.
2010 – 2012 Facilitated engagement of the ICT sections in a sub-regional Urban Traffic management Control project seeking to integrate data sources across the councils. UTMC website
2010 – 2011 Initial joint multifunction device procurement between Gateshead and South Tyneside.
2010 Investigations into providing a single secure collaborative workspace for the Region.
2010 Study into the state of the art in the use of agile and mobile working in the Region compared with the national picture.
2009 Access to social media: shared understanding of the approaches being taken to social media by each partner.
2009 Aided Newcastle University with ‘Where do you think you’re going’ Transport and Digital Economy event.
2009 Collation of workprogrammes: identified opportunities for joint action – a number of common priorities have been identified for further investigation.
2009 Digital Inclusion: Lessons Learned exercise for Sunderland. Shared understanding of the approaches being taken to digital inclusion by each partner.
2009 Established a mechanism to share Efficiencies information amongst Partners
2009 ICT Professionalism & SFIA
2009 Job Evaluation: shared lessons learned with Partners to inform job evaluation and restructuring discussions.
2009 Preparations for a flu pandemic: shared understanding of the provision being made for working from home etc.
2009 Regional Council ISP Survey
2009 Regional Local Authority ICT Salary Survey
2009 Revision of TWICT Partnership Agreement
2009 SFIA and ICT Professionalism: shared training and workshop to explore potential joint actions.
2009 Smart Transport Ticketing: shared understanding of opportunities to link with the smart ticketing agenda.
2009 Support for Hexagon: shared service desktop collaboration for all Heads of IT in the Region.
2009 Thin Client / Desktop virtualisation
2008 Training Matrix
2008 Community ICT barcamp at ‘IT in the Community’ Conference
2008 Executive briefings
2008 Web impacts on enterprise ICT
2007-2009 Digital Challenge Project Management, Dissemination and Project Assurance Digital Challenge website
2007-2009 Investigation into sharing data centre capacity
2007 Contact centre business continuity project
2007 Established sub groups:

·         Security

·         Trainers

·         ICT Customer Service and Desktop Support

·         Systems Services

·         Networks, Telephony and Wireless

2007 Hardware maintenance investigation
2007 Investigated:

·         Web2.0 for business

·         Members ICT

·         technologies to support joint working and shared services

2007 Skills sharing protocol
2006-2007 Ask-it navigation and public information for disabled people Ask-IT website
2006-2007 Every Child Matters data matching trial
2006-2007 Stakeholder Briefing (Prospectus)
2006 Best practice self-assessment
2006 SOCITM NE ICT policies survey
2006 Telephony efficiencies project
2005-2006 Joined up Jobs readiness for eVacancy advertising and vacancy data exchange protocol. Phase II of this project developed into the Regional e-Recruitment Portal About the project
2005-2006 NEPO printers procurement
2005-2006 SOCITM NE internet broadband procurement
2004-2008 Kiosks – Supported the growth of the Tyne and Wear kiosks network to 54 at end March 2008 Kiosks
2004-2008 Interactive Digital TV and mobile phone services for councils about our Digital TV project
2004 Wireless Internet (WiFi)



Earlier projects

G = Gateshead
N = Newcastle
NT = North Tyneside
DCC = Durham
ST = South Tyneside
S = Sunderland
ONE = One North East
NEX = Nexus Travel
NLD = Northumberland

Citizen Account X X X X X X X
Tyne and Wear Community Portal Project X X X X X
Open:tyne&wear interactive digital TV service X X X X X X
WiFi X X X X X X X X X
Metadata and joined up service delivery X X X X X X X X X
Joint Procurement Initiative X X X X X
NERSC (Smartcards) X X X X X
North East Connects – Regional e-Government organisation X X X X X
Priority Outcomes X X X X X
Roadworks information X X X X X
Customer Relationship Managment X X X
Storage Area Network X X
Community organisations on the kiosks X X X X X
Internet Service Provision X
eMail X X
Revenues & Benefits X X
Payment engine X X
Single Assesment X X
Schools admissions X X
IRT – Integrated referral and tracking (of at risk young people) X X
Open:tyne&wear kiosks, digital TV and joined up information X X X X X
IRT directory of services X X X X X
Nexus journey planning & kiosks X X X X X X
Pictorial languages and other formats investigation X X X X X X X X X